about us

Sullios was born in 2021 out of a passion for swimwear, a care for the environment and some spare time during a pandemic. We admire that over the years that there has been more of a push to recycle, clean up ocean waste and also to find ways to cut down carbon emissions (to name a few).
  • The growth of sustainability is huge and can be seen by many global companies. They often include branded pages on their websites quoting to cut carbon emissions, use more eco-friendly products and commit to social incentives such as equality, better pay and more thorough understanding of their entire supply chains…

  • Sullios is no different!

  • We wanted to combine the mixture of creativity and sustainability to push the boat (‘ha’) a little further. Women’s swimwear seems to be full steam ahead with the use of recycled fabrics and the rise in ‘eco’ brands, so we want to help play catch up and make our own impact!

  • Here at SULLIOS we like to design fun and eye catching swimwear with a good fit, using quality materials! All whilst making a difference in the world! Who doesn’t love to look good in the sunshine and save the planet at the same time?